• Acceptance


    Accepting the beauty of oneself, just you, yourself, is a good start towards accepting others for who they are on any given day. Of course, we need to be discerning about ourselves and others to make wise decisions regarding our areas needing revision or complete makeovers, as well as developing healthy relationships. Appreciate the goodness…

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  • Enjoy the Journey

    Enjoy the Journey

    Some days our path seems so long and lonely. Our view of the exterior events is shaped by the atmosphere of our interior beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. In these times, seek to reframe your moment, rename your experience, and reclaim your purpose, so that life giving energy is yours to share. May each day be…

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  • NiceWebb Photography

    NiceWebb Photography

    Welcome to NiceWebb Photography! I enjoy pondering nature’s many lessons and reflections on our lives. So I am eager to share my love for seeing the light in nature reflections with family, friends, and others who appreciate finding meaning for our lives through nature observations and reflective thoughts. Sharing light reflections, Allen Nice-Webb Click caption…

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  • Mountain Moments

    Mountain Moments

    A composite of two of my favorite places along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Long range views of the mountains and resting by the waterfall soothes my soul. There is something powerful for me when I spend a few moments completely immersed in the moment while experiencing mountain landscapes. There is a sense of Presence that…

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