Bridges to Cross

We each have Bridges to Cross

Sometimes we decide to follow a different path and do not cross the bridge at all. Who knows, perhaps it is best not to cross every bridge that we approach. However, there are times when we know the bridge we must cross!

Photography of the earth’s bountiful nature has always inspired me to see the beauty in each one and to explore further before making judgments. As I take a closer look at nature, I ask myself: How is my life like this aspect of nature? What can I learn about life, about myself? How does this give me new insights into my relationships?

Simple at first sight – Profound at first step

Some decisions we face require a simple response like yes or no. Yet, we know the profound ramifications of our choice. It is in those defining moments that we must decide for ourselves who we are or who we aspire to be and make a life choice. Our decisions come much easier when we make them consistent with who we really are.

Other Decisions Require Deeper Reflection

There are times when our decisions do not just affect us but may have a profound effect upon others. We must still make decisions based on who we are, but before deciding we would do well to reflect on the consequences of our choice. These decisions often are more difficult to make and may cause some suffering. Thus, we must go deeper into who we are and reflect the best of our integrity in the tough decisions that face us.

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