Foggy Choices

This morning is a foggy one, yet as in any other new day, it is filled with both exciting new possibilities and uncertainty. We often say Happy New Year on the first day of the year. We could just as well say Happy New Day at the beginning of each new day.

Each day we only have control over our decisions – the choices we make. So, depending on our current priorities, we move through the foggy beginnings of each new year/day, making choices. It is our hope that we will emerge into the light of a day/year filled with blessings.

Perhaps, we would do well to think on how we might be the blessing our world needs. It is a little much to think of how we may bless the world, but we could start with a choice to bless those in our own sphere of influence.

Blessings to you and may you be a blessing!

Foggy Choices

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  1. bettymccreary7347 Avatar

    I love the idea of wishing others and myself a Happy New Day! Happy New Day to you and many blessings through out each day.

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