Life’s Pathways

Be Present on Life’s Pathways

Welcome to Nice-Webb Walks. This short video features a brief selection of my nature’s pathway photos [some digitally edited for mood effect].

Some pathways are short and others long. In our lives we also experience events for a short while or as a companion over a longer period of time.

As we experience the varied seasons of life, we are invited to traverse pathways, some by choice, while others are mandatory.

Sometimes, we are surprised on our journey. It is then we can develop an awareness of these moments in time and how we may grow from within these moments of mystery.

Along the way on our life pathways, we can ask, how is my life like this journey I’m on walking a specific path.

As we walk, we can be aware of our present moment and alert to how we may learn from the path we are on in a given time.

Learning to be fully present on our pathway journey can help us to feel at home anywhere. Enjoy the Journey!

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